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Alpha Ori and Danelec Partner to Fast-Track Maritime Digitalization

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Danelec and Alpha Ori Technologies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding marking their shared ambition to accelerate the digitalization in the maritime market based on HFHQ data.

Danelec, the largest maritime data collection solutions provider and market leader in maritime operational and safety technology, is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT). AOT is a key player in the research, development, and commercialization of digital technology solutions for the maritime industry, focusing on accelerating digitalization for reduction in emissions, operational improvements, and enhanced safety.

The purpose of the MoU is to explore a potential strategic partnership, aiming to offer collaborative vessel data-based services to maritime customers. The envisioned solution revolves around onboarding platforms for data collection and delivery, with shore visualization and analytical services forming the core components. This joint effort between Danelec and AOT is designed to empower operational organizations in providing and supporting high-quality services related to maritime safety, navigation optimization, and predictive maintenance.

The scope of the partnership is rooted in the goal to deliver a fully integrated solution, leveraging Danelec's data and server infrastructure along with AOT's SMARTSHIP™ software applications. The ultimate objective is to establish seamless onboard data collection, transmitting it to a cloud infrastructure for analysis of vessel OT data.

The signing took place on September 26 after which Casper Jensen, CEO of Danelec, and Bala Sankaran, Co-CEO at Alpha Ori Technologies both expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership.

Commenting on the MoU, Casper Jensen, CEO at Danelec says: “At Danelec, we firmly believe that digitalization holds the key to confronting the key challenges of sustainability, productivity, and transparency, and further enhance safety within the maritime industry. As we share this belief with Alpha Ori Technologies, we see great potential in leveraging the synergies of our strong capabilities within data capturing and ship performance and Alpha Ori’s ditto within analysis and digital solutions to deliver new services that will enable ship owners to optimize their operations and accelerate the industry’s route to net zero.”

Bala Sankaran, Co-CEO at Alpha Ori Technologies follows up: “By employing state-of-the-art digital solutions to assist our maritime customers in operating their businesses predictably, optimizing cost inefficiencies, and generating new business models with opportunities for revenue creation, we aim to enable our customers to operate as a digital enterprise. Harnessing the power of data collected through Danelec’s infrastructure, we believe we can enhance operational efficiency & achieve highest levels of safety on board ships.”

Danelec and AOT believe this MoU will enhance their respective strengths and leverage their combined expertise. Together, they aim to bring digital solutions to the maritime market, establishing a solid foundation for the industry's digital transformation.

For more information, contact: Sanjeev Namath, Chief Business Officer, Alpha Ori Technologies

Phone: +65 98325886

Asbjørn Severin, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Danelec

Phone: +45 31126763

About Danelec

Danelec is a Danish scale-up operating at the forefront of the digitalization of the maritime industry. With a focus on innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, Danelec is transforming the way maritime operations are conducted, driving efficiency and safety for ship owners and operators worldwide.

As a leading manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR), Shaft Power Meters (Kyma), and a supplier of cutting-edge Ship Performance Monitoring systems, Danelec boasts decades of experience in ship data collection and has reached an installed base of more than 14,000, driving operational optimization for safety, cost-effectiveness, and performance.

Recently Danelec has launched Danelec Connect, a new digital platform designed to boost operational efficiency, safety and sustainability through significantly enriched Ship Performance Monitoring. A powerful cloud-based solution, Danelec’s new software is specifically designed to optimize diverse marine operations and address the many intricacies of vessel, fleet and voyage management.

With HQ in Denmark, nine offices globally, and over 600 factory-trained personnel in 50+ countries, Danelec has a truly global footprint ensuring reliable and fast support anywhere in the world.

About Alpha Ori Technologies

Alpha Ori Technologies (AOT) is a B2B Technology company headquartered in Singapore with overseas product development offices in India and the United States. Alpha Ori’s vision is to digitally enable all floating enterprises with cutting-edge technologies - IoT, Machine Learning, and Cloud-based Big Data science - to drive remote operations, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve the highest levels of safety on board ships. AOT’s SMARTShip™ digital platform with AI-enabled applications is a highly successful product in the shipping industry and is known for enabling fuel savings, predictive maintenance, hull efficiency, and more.

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Oct 2023 - Danelec and AOT sign MoU
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