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ATPI Marine Travel unveils new holistic Crew Change Logistics solutions

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ATPI Marine Travel, a leader in the global marine travel sector, has launched a new suite of solutions designed to redefine all aspects of the crew change cycle, across the pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip phases. Called Crew Change Logistics, this unique new initiative is designed to optimise planning and operations with a focus on data and market intelligence, targeted communication functionality and expert-led consultancy services. The aim is to enhance interactions between stakeholders and reduce the impact of pain points while unlocking new crew rotation operational and cost efficiencies.


The Crew Change Logistics portfolio is a testament to ATPI Marine Travel's commitment to delivering comprehensive and tailored solutions to customers worldwide. “With the launch of this new portfolio, we are taking a significant step forward in transforming crew travel management,” said Nikos Gazelidis, Chief Commercial Officer at ATPI Marine Travel. “Our goal is to expand the value-added services we provide and function as an extension of our clients’ crewing teams. This allows us to make crew changes more efficient and cost-effective while supporting the well-being of crew members and promoting environmental sustainability."


Crew Change Logistics leverages ATPI Marine Travel’s experience as the largest provider of marine travel services globally to address changing operational and economic challenges. Delivering new levels of visibility, grip, and control, the new portfolio consists of five key hybrid offerings enabled by digital, data-centric applications and expert human consultants; each designed to optimise specific aspects of crew travel.


ATPI CrewView: Enhancing efficiency and reducing costs

ATPI CrewView allows users to dive deep into hidden savings, receive proactive recommendations, and gain ultimate control from pre-trip to post-trip. It brings clarity and insight into the coordination of crew changes and offers unparalleled transparency, helping to optimise crew travel operations and savings by making booking decisions based on data analytics, including peer benchmarking.


ATPI CrewD2D (Door to Deck)

A unique solution that streamlines management, notification and communication for both air travel and land-based arrangements at the crew change location. It simplifies all aspects of crew travel billing, with the ability to consolidate invoices from multiple providers to just one invoice per trip, and enhances visibility of total crew change cost.


ATPI CrewCare: Prioritising crew well-being

ATPI CrewCare is a holistic solution designed to enhance all aspects of a crew member's journey to and from their ship. In association with ISWAN, it takes ATPI Marine Travel’s initiatives beyond logistics to providing comfort and support for seafarers at every step. From route optimisation to personalised assistance, ATPI CrewCare unlocks safe, connected, and stress-free travel for all crew members.


ATPI CrewPoint: Streamlining the crew change process

ATPI CrewPoint is an all-in-one solution with a single point of contact for streamlined crew change communication and management. It combines real-time monitoring 24/7, effective communication, and targeted notifications to optimise crew changes and reduce admin. It allows all stakeholders to keep track of what is happening and act effectively in the face of changing ETA or ETD information.


ATPI CrewCarbon: A step towards sustainable travel

In response to the increasing need for environmental stewardship in shipping, ATPI CrewCarbon offers data-driven solutions to minimise the carbon footprint of crew traveling to and from their ships. Using the intelligence and expertise of ATPI HALO and established sustainability partners, the service provides essential tools to measure, reduce, and compensate for scope 3 carbon emissions.


“We have a wealth of practical, intelligence-based solutions that individually improve diverse aspects of crew travel management, from apps to track the cost of air travel and the environmental impact when rotating crew at different ports, to communications infrastructure for notifications and alerting during dynamic travel situations. Crew Change Logistics harmonises our capabilities with new data-centric solutions in a simple portfolio that can be easily tailored to any needs,” adds Gazelidis.


Find more information about ATPI Marine Travel and the new Crew Change Logistics portfolio here.



Media Contact

Adriana Nakabayashi Alvarez

Marketing Manager, Marine

M: +31 6 1693 5773

Three men on an orange Rigid Inflatable Boat driving away from a large blue commercial ship.
Getting to and from work is not the same as jumping on the train when you are a seafarer. This photo was taken by crew member Ryan Paez, on one of his ‘commutes’, and entered into a competition run by ISWAN. Credit Ryan Paez/ISWAN

About ATPI Marine Travel

is the international leader in specialist travel solutions to the shipping industry. With deep-rooted expertise in crew rotation supported by 24/7 service and innovative technology, the company positions cost, operational efficiency, safety, and wellbeing at the forefront of its clients’ travel strategies. ATPI Marine Travel was responsible for ¾ million seafarer transactions in 2023 and with a network of offices in all global maritime centres, there is always an expert ready to help clients and crew.


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