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Danelec unveils world’s first seamless and synchronized VDR data and CCTV interface

SMM 2022 debut for new IP Video Interface designed to provide an extra layer of data for accident investigations and training applications

SMM 2022: Hall B6, booth 525. September 6, 2022

Birkeroed, Denmark – Leading Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) manufacturer and maritime Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure provider Danelec has developed a unique, practically plug and play solution for the integration of on-board High-Definition CCTV with data collected and stored by its DM100 VDRs. Called IP Video Interface (IPVI), Danelec’s innovative new solution augments situational awareness for accident investigators and unlocks deeper operational insight for ship owner and operator management teams, as well as training organisations and instructors.

With simple, seamless integration to a vessel’s CCTV network – regardless of camera type or manufacturer – the IPVI system is a remote data interface for the collection and storage of HD video footage, which the DM100 timestamps and synchronizes for playback in the same interface as VDR data. Users can review an expanded, fully controllable timeline of events and log the view from any connected CCTV camera against the mandated data in the VDR system including radar, ECDIS and alarms, as well as audio recordings. The result is a much clearer view of the circumstances leading up to, during and in response to an incident or major accident.

The IPVI system is designed from the ground up to protect the integrity of VDR data and ensure that regulatory performance of the DM100 VDR cannot be affected. It provides only still images directly to the VDR at user-defined intervals, while the video is stored directly within the IPVI system’s internal storage or a connected NAS. The data can be extracted, pulling data from the VDR and footage from the IPVI to visually correlate events during an investigation, or for use as post-incident feedback and training. The IPVI may also provide easily accessible domain awareness for on-going safety at sea issues including response to man overboard incidents or near misses, as well as cargo and container losses.

“While CCTV footage is not part of mandated regulatory data collected by our DM100 VDR, we believe that as an optional upgrade, IPVI adds tangible value for end-users by providing the opportunity to review external conditions and crew response to an incident at sea,” said Casper Jensen, CEO, Danelec. “The system reflects our work to continuously improve the capabilities of our market leading VDRs, either in response to regulatory changes or as in this case, to provide our customers a way to improve safety and marine operations from the data that their trusted DM100 systems provide.”

As a first to market solution, Danelec will base its future IPVI developments on market feedback and operational experience of video enhanced VDR installations. It is expected that the system will also be able to provide synchronised video and VDR data in the cloud as Danelec seeks to add more end-user value and to explore synergies with its IoT and digitalisation portfolio which includes DanelecConnect and the Vessel Remote Server.

Danelec’s new IPVI system is suitable for fast and painless newbuild and retrofit installation and is expected to be available for ordering during Q4 2022. Visitors to SMM 2022 can see a demonstration of the system themselves by visiting the Danelec stand, in Hall B6, booth 525.


A CCTV camera on a ship with the sea in the background
New IP Video Interface connects CCTV footage to synchronized VDR data

Contact: Thomas Petersen

Phone: +45 3084 0144


About Danelec

Danelec simplifies data capture for ship owners, enabling them to future-proof their fleet and compete effectively in tomorrow’s data-dependent, net zero economy. The company develops technologies to optimize safety, cost and performance of marine operations as a leading manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR), Ship Performance Monitoring (Kyma) and provider of IoT infrastructure and ship performance monitoring solutions, with products installed on more than 10,000 vessels worldwide.

Danelec is committed to provide the most effective products and services that help customers meet changing regulations and to operate more efficiently through the application of data collected on board and accessed in the cloud.

With offices in Denmark, Norway, Greece, Germany, Poland, Singapore, South Korea and China as well as over 600 factory-trained personnel in more than 50 countries worldwide, Danelec has a truly global presence ensuring reliable, cost-efficient and fast service and support to our customers anywhere.

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