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Hydroacoustic technology specialist appoints first marine surveyor to team

Subsea Europe Services GmbH’s expansion continues with new data acquisition and processing support for technology rental clients

Hamburg, Germany – Ezekiel David (30) has joined Subsea Europe Services GmbH as a marine surveyor. The appointment is in line with the Hamburg-based hydroacoustic technology specialist’s growth plan, which saw the recent addition of a new Field Operations Manager and a partnership with Aberdeen-headquartered Seatronics that resulted in hundreds of hydroacoustic, and auxiliary systems added to the company’s Europe-wide rental portfolio.

Ezekiel, who holds an M Sc. with Distinction in Surveying and Geoinformatics with Specialisation in Hydrography and Geodesy from the University of Lagos in Nigeria, will complete his second Masters at Hamburg Hafencity University, in tandem with his position at Subsea Europe Services. Created to provide direct support to rental pool clients, the new position is intrinsically linked to Subsea Europe Services’ ambition to simplify hydrographic surveying so that organisations without in-house expertise can easily acquire their own marine data.

“Our integrated Hydrographic Survey System – iHSS – already streamlines the marine survey workflow by removing the need for expertise during procurement and installation, but the nature of this technology still demands a trained professional to get the best out of it,” said Sören Themann, CEO, Subsea Europe Services GmbH. “Ezekiel, an experienced marine surveyor, is well positioned to help our clients do just that, both during the survey campaign at sea as well as the post-processing phase back home. We’re pleased to have him in the team and confident he will do a fantastic job.”

“I’m delighted to join Subsea Europe Services, especially as it’s a new breed of company with the potential to expand and transform the marine survey sector for a more sustainable future,” said Ezekiel. “Having already used the iHSS recently installed on the university’s DVocean survey boat, I’m really looking forward to getting out on the water with Subsea Europe Service clients to help them collect precise marine data using it, as well as the countless other subsea technologies we offer in our rental, subscription and sales portfolio.”


Media contacts: Sören Themann CEO, Subsea Europe Services GmbH +49 170 7676666 Saul Trewern Account Director, Oceanspace Communications +44 (0)7312 105 130

About Subsea Europe Services

Established at the beginning of 2020 with the goal to make it possible for every organisation to collect and evaluate marine data professionally, Subsea Europe Services provides reliable and easy-to-use hydroacoustic survey systems that do not require expert-knowledge to operate. The company’s unique approach to marine survey technology is as fast as it is flexible, ensuring easy access to the best tools for on-demand and planned marine surveys anywhere in Europe on a rental, sales or uniquely, a subscription basis. While serving a diverse customer base from offshore wind farms to inland waterways, Subsea Europe Services continues to develop new solutions that simplify and automate the collection of marine data, including the unique integrated Hydrographic Survey System (iHSS).

Ezekiel David, Marine Surveyor, Subsea Europe Services

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