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New Integration Between GeoPulse Compact and Geo-Suite Seismic Software Unveiled at Oceanology International

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Oceanology International 2024, London: The GeoPulse Compact Sub-Bottom Profiler from GeoAcoustics is now compatible for the first time with the popular Geo Marine Survey System developed Geo-Suite Acquisition software. The combination introduces a powerful new GIS-based solution for the acquisition, processing, interpretation and 3D visualisation of data acquired by GeoPulse Compact.

GeoPulse Compact is an advanced high-performance sub-bottom profiler suitable for applications in shallow to deep-water environments, including high-resolution seismo-stratigraphy, dredging, pipeline and buried object detection. Geo Marine Survey System has created a new graphical user interface (GUI) to enable the interoperation between GeoPulse Compact and the Geo-Suite Acquisition software release 2023R1. The GUI, navigation system, and control for Heave Compensation in real-time included in Geo-Suite Acquisition reduce the time to configure all devices necessary to acquire high-quality data using the sub-bottom profiler. Furthermore, many features (e.g., real-time band-pass, low-pass, high-pass and notch filters, Time Variant Gain, Automatic Gain Control, and Noise monitoring) are available during seismic data acquisition to carry out quality control in real-time. Data are stored in the standard SGY format compatible with all seismic data processing software.

Geo-Suite AllWorks is a GIS-based solution for processing, interpretation and 3D visualisation of ultra high-resolution post-stack, single channel and sub-bottom profiler data. It also can be used for the integration of results from other sensors, such as side scan sonar, magnetometer and multibeam bathymetry. “A full range of processing tools specifically designed for high-resolution sub-bottom data are available in the Geo Suite AllWorks software. The latest is a complete GIS environment for Ultra-High Resolution (Sparker and Sub-bottom) seismic data processing that allows the seismic data processing, interpretation and 3D visualisation of geophysical and geological data in a GIS environment,” said Olivier Monrigal, Managing Director of Geo-Marine Survey System.

The combination of GeoPulse Compact and Geo-Suite AllWorks Sub-bottom data has already been deployed for an offshore wind farm planning project in Italian waters. In 2023, the Geo Bio Team Group (GBT) of Palermo, Italy,  successfully collected more than 1000  linear kilometers of high-resolution seismic data in the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas, the Sea of Sardinia and the Sicily Channel at water depths from a few meters to more than 150 meters. The high-resolution seismic data acquired by the sub-bottom profiler were fully processed using the Geo-Suite AllWorks software.

“Planning to construct a commercial-scale wind farm requires knowledge of the seismo-stratigraphy of the first meters of depth below the seabed at high resolution. The pairing of GeoPulse Compact and Geo-Suite AllWorks was able to deliver the quality of data our clients needed for this quickly and easily,” said Giuseppe Di Grigoli PhD, Operations Manager, Geo Bio Team Group.

“The project demonstrated the effectiveness of using the GeoPulse Compact with Geo-Suite and allows us to further improve data acquisition, processing and interpretation techniques to benefit customers who will obtain increasingly higher quality results in shorter times and at lower costs,” Richard Dowdeswell, Chief Commercial Officer, GeoAcoustics Ltd.



Saul Trewern

Oceanspace Communications

Tel: 07312 105130

GeoAcoustics Ltd delivers innovative, field-proven technologies for customers working in the inland waterway and marine hydrographic surveying, dredging and marine-research fields. Headquartered in Great Yarmouth, UK, with a global presence through a network of channel partners, the company specialises in the design, development, manufacture, and commissioning of advanced side scan, bathymetry, and sub-bottom profiling sonar-systems.

GeoAcoustics Ltd has been a partner for the offshore energy, subsea, and marine survey sectors since 1978 and has had two different corporate owners in this time. The company returned to independent ownership in December 2019, and continues to develop innovative products, like sonar technology that is capable of outperforming multibeam echo sounders and AI systems that unlock IHO S-44 standard marine data in real time.

A seismic profile graph in black and white

Example of a high-resolution seismic profile showing the seismo-stratigraphy of the first meters of depth below the seabed at high-resolution (about 12 cm) offshore Calabria (Italy). The seismic data were acquired using the GeoPulse Compact and Geo-Suite Acquisition software and fully processed with the GeoSuite AllWorks software using the following mathematical operators: heave correction, automatic gain control, amplitude scaling, swell filter, mixing time variable gain, and mute of the water column. Signal penetration exceeded 25 ms two-way time in the more profound sector of the continental slope (about 20 meters @1600 m/s).



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