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TrueOcean Marine Data Platform now provides native access to essential MetOcean data

Kiel, 16 May 2023. TrueOcean’s innovative cloud-based Marine Data Platform (MDP) for optimising offshore wind project development and operations globally has been upgraded to include MetOcean data forecasts natively, enabling marine survey, energy company and offshore contractor end-users to improve quality control of data from diverse marine sensors such as multibeam echo sounders and sub-bottom profilers.

The seamless integration of highly accurate wind, wave, and environmental data from Spire Global augments the TrueOcean MDP’s powerful sensor data management capabilities, which are designed to optimise technical workflows in geo-informatics, geotechnics, and hydrography, using a single integrated platform built specifically for the offshore wind sector.

“We’re proud to work with TrueOcean to provide accurate maritime weather and ocean condition forecasts to aid its customers in the successful development and maintenance of offshore wind farms, which are critical infrastructure to building a cleaner and more sustainable future here on Earth,” said Mike Eilts, GM of Weather and Earth Intelligence, Spire.

Spire Global's weather forecast already assists surveying and offshore construction contractors, as well as operation and maintenance companies, in planning and preparing for work at sea. The recorded MetOcean data, in turn, helps asset owners including utilities and cable network operators in verifying their processes and improving quality when working with survey data.

“TrueOcean is excited to partner with Spire Global to ensure that accurate and reliable weather information is available for our clients in the offshore wind industry,” said Frithjof Hennemann, CEO, TrueOcean. “With the addition of Spire's maritime weather forecast, we expand our end users’ ability to integrate their workflows in a single dataspace for data storage, processing and sharing, enabling them to operate more efficiently at every stage of an offshore wind farm’s lifecycle.”

About Spire Global, Inc.

Spire (NYSE: SPIR) is a leading global provider of space-based data, analytics, and space services, offering access to unique datasets and powerful insights about Earth from the ultimate vantage point so that organizations can make decisions with confidence, accuracy, and speed. Spire uses one of the world’s largest multipurpose satellite constellations to source hard to acquire, valuable data and enriches it with predictive solutions. Spire then provides this data as a subscription to organizations around the world so they can improve business operations, decrease their environmental footprint, deploy resources for growth and competitive advantage, and mitigate risk. Spire gives commercial and government organizations the competitive advantage they seek to innovate and solve some of the world’s toughest problems with insights from space. Spire has eight offices across the U.S., Canada, UK, Luxembourg, and Singapore. To learn more, visit

About TrueOcean

TrueOcean is a revolutionary software company that provides a cloud-based marine data platform for successful offshore wind projects. We have developed a game-changing platform that simplifies ocean data management, making it easier for businesses to access the information they need for successful projects. With TrueOcean, you can expect increased efficiency, improved decision-making, enhanced innovation, and risk reduction. At TrueOcean, as part of a group of software companies with over a decade of experience, we are experts in working with geospatial data and using this information to create accurate digital maps. Our superpower is in guiding people through the complexity of the world by mapping it out in a way that is easy to understand. While we focus primarily on the water side, specifically on the subsea area, we are specialized in handling marine sensor data. Our cutting-edge solution is available for utilities, cable network operators, construction companies, survey companies, and anyone else who needs reliable, fast, and easy access to crucial marine data.

Media contact

Natalia Bueno

Marketing Manager, TrueOcean GmbH

M: +49 431 36305605

Kristina Spychalski

Director of Communications, Spire Global

Screenshot of a marine data platform
Image caption: MetOcean data can be viewed as a layer on the TrueOcean Marine Data Platform’s map view.

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