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Force Technology unveils SimFlex Cloud navigation simulator platform

New levels of training flexibility and realism as cloud-based simulator integrates Augmented and Virtual Reality with instructor-led and self study programs

Brøndby, Denmark – Force Technology, the Denmark headquartered ship’s bridge simulator specialist has launched SimFlex Cloud, a dedicated SaaS (Software as a Service) solution offering highly realistic navigation training. Unlocking agile and accessible maritime training, SimFlex Cloud provides global onshore and onboard access to Force Technology’s highly realistic SimFlex simulator and the technology leading Den-Mark simulator engine and model library.

Developed in-house with 25 years of navigation simulator innovation and experience at its core, SimFlex Cloud builds on the proven pedagogical value of Force Technology’s high-fidelity navigation simulators. As a cloud-based training solution, SimFlex also offers user-friendly access to next generation mixed reality simulation, using both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) headsets to maximise realism and immersion.

Force Technology customers can configure training with SimFlex Cloud however best suits their organisational structure and training need. The system optimises maritime cloud simulator training with qualified instructors from Force Technology or the customer’s own network in control of all learning aspects, communication, exercise creation and delivery, debriefing and evaluation for live participants located anywhere in the world.

SimFlex Cloud can also be used as a self study tool, giving junior officers, experienced captains and senior officers the ability to practice their skills whenever and wherever they can, using a laptop or desktop PC and monitor set up, as well the optional VR or AR headsets for even greater realism. Considering the widely held view that a week using a realistic simulator provides the same experience as a year on board, self study with SimFlex Cloud is an incredibly effective way to improve navigational competence.

For ship managers and shipping companies, SimFlex Cloud provides a means to reduce and optimise training budgets while increasing the quality of the technical training available to staff. Flexible and scalable licencing options ensure that customers only pay for exactly what they use, while providing the ability to reduce or increase investment based on current requirements. Further, the connected nature of SimFlex Cloud ensures that users will always have the most recent content and training methods available.

“With our focus on realism boosted by VR and AR accessibility, Force Technology has taken the lead in cloud training with SimFlex Cloud. We’re delighted to extend our simulator portfolio with reliable, secure and easy to manage cloud capabilities and are confident that our flexible approach will enable our customers to optimise their navigation training programs across borders, on land and at sea,” said Jan Michelsen, Head of Department, Simulation, Ports & Training, Force Technology.

“While navigational safety and competence drives our simulator development work at Force Technology, SimFlex Cloud also offers significant logistical advantages over attending training courses at physical facilities, including reduced travel costs, increased sustainability as a result of less employee travel, and continued access to high quality training in light of Covid-19 travel restrictions,” concludes Michelsen.


SimFlex Cloud can also be used in Augmented and Virtual reality with headsets supplied by Force Technology
SimFlex Cloud can also be used in Augmented and Virtual reality with headsets supplied by Force Technology

Media Contact

Jan Michelsen

Head of Department, Simulation, Ports & Training


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