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New augmented reality simulator to boost realism for pilot training at Smartship Australia

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FORCE Technology and Smartship Australia sign substantial contract for state-of-the-art SimFlex4 tug and ship simulator platform

Brøndby, Denmark – Force Technology, the Denmark headquartered ship’s bridge simulator specialist has been selected to deliver its innovative SimFlex4 AR solution as part of an extensive upgrade for the Queensland-based maritime simulation and training facility, Smartship Australia. Smartship Australia focuses on professional pilotage training and development, advanced ship handling, port development, risk reduction, and opportunities assessment from its modern facility in Brisbane, which encompasses five marine simulators, including two full mission bridges, one Tug bridge, and two-part task simulators.

SimFlex4 supports port development projects in Queensland FORCE Technology’s SimFlex simulator was originally selected for its high accuracy and fidelity in providing Marine Pilots with a realistic simulation environment when Smartship Australia was first established in 2011. Since then, the facility has supported every significant port development project in Queensland, adding considerable economic, social, and environmental value to the state. Smartship Australia also delivers services to other states in Australia as well as international customers in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Thailand, adding safety and economic benefits to these jurisdictions as well.

Most advanced maritime simulator on the Australian continentThe simulation center upgrade commenced in October 2023 and will result in the installation and commissioning of a cutting-edge advanced augmented-reality (AR) simulator in the first quarter of 2024. It will become the first and most advanced maritime AR simulator on the Australian continent. The simulator platform is ready for FORCE Technology’s upcoming DEN-Mark2 mathematical model release in 2024, which will offer unprecedented model accuracy as well as enhanced line forces calculations, a major advantage when operating with tugboats and conducting advanced mooring studies, for example. In use for more than 35 years, the DEN-Mark1 mathematical model is renowned for its accuracy, but DEN-Mark2 will introduce a major technology leap in fidelity and physical capabilities.

New technology to define a new era of maritime simulationJan Michelsen, Director for FORCE Technology’s Simulation, Ports, Training and Human Factors/Safety Management business said: “Our work to help Smartship Australia deploy the latest technology within the maritime VR simulation space is cutting-edge. SimFlex AR technology offers one of the best immersive mixed reality experiences ever designed, featuring photorealistic visual fidelity and super advanced model accuracy that I am confident will unlock substantial gains for Smartship Australia customers going forward. Smartship Australia has been a loyal and trusted partner of FORCE Technology for many years, and we look forward to defining a new era within the maritime simulation space with them.”


For further info and questions please contact:

Captain Jan MichelsenDirector of Department: Simulation, Ports & Training, FORCE Technology

Phone: +45 42 62 72 55


About Force Technology

FORCE Technology helps companies become technological and sustainable frontrunners for the benefit of society. FORCE Technology is a technology consultancy and service company which strives to create positive technological change and make the world more sustainable and safer. Each year, thousands of customers entrust us with their products, materials, structures, largest potentials or worst challenges since we create security and value based on impartiality, confidentiality and knowledge.

A woman using a ship training simulator with a VR headset on her head. the scene is neon colours especially pink.
New Augmented Reality system to be added to Smartship Australia’s SimFlex4 simulator capabilities




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