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New VDR Monitoring and Management Services unlock secure web-based remote access

Greek ship manager Eurotankers Inc. is one of the first customers to try unique new value-adding remote VDR services

Farum, Denmark – Danelec has announced the introduction of two new web-based Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) services designed to provide VDR status information as well give ship managers and operators secure remote access to the VDRs onboard vessels.

The VDR Monitoring Service introduces a brand-new online health status overview of VDRs combined with reported location of vessels, while the VDR Management Service adds to this with several key new features, including the ability to remotely extract VDR recordings, download alarm logs and VDR Pre-Annual Performance Tests (Pre-APT).

The new services are designed to enable improved operational safety, continued compliance monitoring, uninterrupted incident investigation, enhanced service planning, remote service configuration and predictive maintenance.

Both services are powered by DanelecConnect, an intelligent, cost efficient and scalable maritime IoT infrastructure used as a reliable, secure and agile data collection system for supporting shipowners in their digital transformation.

The VDR services are accessible directly online via the Danelec eService portal digital platform while Danelec’s unique, low-cost and practically plug & play Vessel Remote Server (VRS) takes care of two-way data transfer to and from the platform.

Among the first shipowners having already benefitted from these new remote and digital services is Eurotankers Inc., on the MV Eurovoyager, a crude oil tanker with extensive maritime IoT features already in place. Capt. Ioannis Kourtelis, Marine & HSQE Manager, DPA, EUROTANKERS INC. said:

“Eurovoyager is an important ship in our fleet as it sets the direction for future-proofing our business through maritime digitalization and the Internet of Things.

“With a VRS previously installed it was very straightforward to add Danelec’s new VDR Management Service to the already very useful VDR Monitoring Service.

“We have benefited significantly from the monitoring and status data as well as access to the system and sensor data we now have. We expect to see more advantages including the ability to optimise VDR pre-Annual Performance Testing in the future.”

Casper Jensen, CEO, Danelec, added: “As ships become smarter, we continue to develop new digital solutions that leverage the value of data from our VDRs so that customers can introduce new workflows and practices that save time, money and improve safety.

“We are placing more and more focus on developing new solutions with DanelecConnect as a foundation and feedback from companies with a strong digital strategy that embrace technology firsts like Eurotankers Inc. is essential to our on-going development program.”

Danelec’s new value-adding VDR Monitoring and Management services are immediately available to Danelec VDR users with an already installed Danelec VRS. Customers without a VRS will need to install one before gaining access to DanelecConnect digital services.

Customers looking to deploy the new services should contact their local partner for additional information or contact Danelec directly.


Two new web-based Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) services are now available from Danelec

About Danelec Marine

Danelec simplifies data capture for ship owners, enabling them to future-proof their fleet and compete effectively in tomorrow’s data-dependent, net zero economy. The company develops technologies to optimize safety, cost and performance of marine operations as a leading manufacturer of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR), Ship Performance Monitoring (Kyma) and provider of IoT infrastructure and ship performance monitoring solutions, with products installed on more than 10,000 vessels worldwide.

Danelec is committed to provide the most effective products and services that help customers meet changing regulations and to operate more efficiently through the application of data collected on board and accessed in the cloud.

With offices in Denmark, Norway, Greece, Germany, Poland, Singapore, South Korea and China as well as over 600 factory-trained personnel in more than 50 countries worldwide, Danelec has a truly global presence ensuring reliable, cost-efficient and fast service and support to our customers anywhere.

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Nov 2022 - Danelec - DC Monitoring and Management VDR Services
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Nov 2022 - Danelec - DC Monitoring and Management VDR Services
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